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Strategy and Execution
Successful organisations not only know what they do and how they do it, they also understand why they do it. StratEdge Consulting believes that a winning strategy starts with a clear articulation of the "why" as this establishes the overall belief system of the organisation and will attract employees and customers who share in that belief.

With the establishment of the "why", the "what, how and who" can be developed. StratEdge Consulting uses the ABCDE approach to strategic planning and execution:

  • "A": Develop a common understanding of the current position of the organisation, its competitors, customers and environment. What is the focus question that drives the strategic vision?
  • "B": Define what the organisation will look like at the end of the strategic vision period (typically 3 or 5 years out). What is the strategic vision?
  • "C": Develop the steps that bridge the gap between the current state and future state. What needs to be done to get to the strategic vision?
  • "D": Develop the action plan and ownership to ensure that the strategy is achieved.
  • "E": Execute the plan. Unfortunately most strategic plans fail because of a failure in execution. StratEdge Consulting uses a process developed by the military to drive execution exellence.

StratEdge Consulting can assist in the development of strategic plans and execution plans through workshop facilitation, plan assessments, research, coaching and mentoring.


Strategy and Execution
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